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Hip Arthritis


Hip is one of the largest and flexible joints of our body. Hip arthritis causes lifestyle problem as patient suffers from severe pain in the hip. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of hip arthritis. It occurs mostly around the age fifty but younger people can also have this disease. The cartilage in the hip joint gradually wears over time in osteoarthritis. It is a degenerative disease indicated by the deteriorated cartilages and bones spurs.

The common symptoms of hip osteoarthritis are hip pain and slow rate of motion. The patient generally suffers from pain in the buttock, groin, and thigh. Stiffness in the joint can occur at different times like sitting for a long period of time, getting out of bed and similar to this kind of activities. The pain increases when someone tries to take part in intense activities like sports. The ball and socket join helps the joint to remain flexible in movement. However, a patient suffering from hip osteoarthritis feels difficulty in stretching the legs forward and backward. People suffering from hip osteoarthritis feel difficulty in daily routine which requires bending. Getting out or in from chair or car, putting socks are some cases where the patient feel severe pain.

It is a chronic symptom where the hip constantly swells up due to friction between the pelvic bones and the femur. This causes the weakening of the surrounding muscles that support hip joint. Henceforth, pain occurs gradually as the swelling increases.

There is no exact cause but the probable causes and risk factor associated with it are listed below: It has been found that over the time as age increases hip osteoarthritis also starts increasing. Generally, persons above the age of forty-five are prone to hip osteoarthritis. Persons above the age of sixty and seventy are highly prone to have hip osteoarthritis. Heredity and congenital disorder is a possible factor causing the disease. In most cases, women are affected by hip osteoarthritis. Although percentage of affected men is low when compared to women.

Depending upon the condition there are treatments with surgical and non surgical interventions.

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