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Hip Replacement


Understanding the source of your pain is important when researching your treatment options. First, identify if your joint pain is mild, moderate or severe and what treatment options are available at each of these stages of joint pain. Choose your affected joint from the menu on the left for joint specific information.

The pain and discomfort of mild joint pain can become something you learn to deal with everyday. Investigation must be made for the possible causes of your joint pain and some of the treatment options available for joint pain sufferers.

When non-surgical treatment options no longer address your joint /hip pain, it may be time to consider other pain relief alternatives. It is needed to familiarize you with surgical treatment options available, as well as helping you decide if joint replacement surgery is the right option for you.

If the decision has been made by you and your surgeon to have joint/hip replacement surgery, there is a lot you can do to prepare for your surgery and your recovery.

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